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Building licenses in the UAE

Open your building business in the United Arab Emirates and make sure you invest in the most profitable and fast-growing economy of a leading Middle Eastern country

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The United Arab Emirates have strategic plans to develop the attractiveness for business and make the country a global business center, so creation of the entire infrastructure is required for these plans. The government of the UAE has created an effective legal framework and comfortable conditions for construction companies in the region. This created a demand for construction and finishing works in the long term.


Distinctive features of obtaining a construction license
Jurisdiction of registration You need to obtain a construction license for construction and installation work in the UAE to register a local company. You can use a special license offered by some special economic zones as an exception to the general rules to conduct business outside the UAE.
Local partner You need a local partner to obtain construction licenses and register a local company. According to the UAE law, this local partner owns at least 51% of the company's shares (the remaining 49% remains in the ownership of a foreign investor). The local partner is nominal, his rights are limited and he has no influence on your business.
State control All construction activities are monitored by the UAE Building Department. You need additional approvals from the Department of Road Facilities, the Department of Civil Protection and other departments to obtain individual license. It depends on the activity.
License categories Building licenses for the construction of buildings and structures are divided into categories according to the maximum permissible height of the construction, for example:
G+1 (Ground Floor + 1 floor) – construction of buildings up to 2 floors is allowed;
G+4 (Ground Floor + 4 floors) – construction of buildings up to 5 floors is allowed;
G+12 (Ground Floor + 12 floors) – construction of buildings up to 13 floors is allowed;
UL (unlimited) – there are no height restrictions.
Requirements to obtain a specific license category The higher is the license category, the harder to obtain it. It is caused by serious requirements of state bodies. State bodies impose requirements in the process of license obtaining: presence in the company of engineering and technical specialists accredited in the UAE, necessary number of construction workers and administrative staff. A businessperson also needs to confirm that the company has special construction equipment and trucks; he had to rent an office of a certain area; he had to prove the availability of fixed assets and provide a bank guarantee.
How to obtain a construction license of high category UAE legislation provides restrictions on issuing high category licenses to new construction companies. The license class is upgraded in stages when the company is conducting business, depending on the completed facilities and additional approvals in the Department of Construction. SORP Group experts offer turnkey solutions in such a situation to purchase an existing construction company with a license, and then you can obtain a higher class license fast.
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Obtain a specialized building license

Quick and easy entry into the UAE construction market
There are separate specialized licenses to provide certain narrowly focused construction work in the UAE; there are no categories for such licenses. Nevertheless, the regulatory authorities have established a number of requirements to the number of accredited engineers and technical specialists in the company.

There is a demand for narrowly focused construction work because major developers are general contractors of projects, they subcontract small specialized construction companies, and there is not enough such companies now.

Excavation, Bulk works, Drainage works
Foundation and concrete works
Road construction, Construction of bridges and tunnels
Construction of special objects(ports, railways, power plants)
Landscape works, Channel building
Other construction works

Obtain construction license with SORP Group

SORP Group is one of the few experienced consulting companies in the UAE that comprehensively solve client’s business problems. You will get full support and detailed explanations at the each stage of construction company registration and obtaining a license. The range of our services is expanded with the possibility to register a company as a general contractor and to obtain construction licenses. Be sure that no one in the UAE can solve the complex tasks of opening and supporting your construction business faster and better than we do.
SORP Group competenceSORP Group assets
  • We analyze your needs to make a legally sound decision on the required license and conducting detailed consultations.
  • We solve complex customer cases for obtaining special construction licenses or increasing their categories.
  • We have ready-made construction licenses to choose.
  • We have comprehensive customer support to organize a profitable construction business in the UAE.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • We have a reliable local sponsor, which is one of the SORP Group divisions. It reduces potential risks for the investor.
  • We have professional lawyers, consultants and tax advisors in our company.
  • We have serious partners in various fields of construction business.
  • We established contacts in the supervisory authority the Construction Department of the UAE.
  • We own modern business center with offices.

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Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts will assess your needs to help you select the best legal solution for obtaining a building license in the UAE, while providing you with comprehensive support. The first step towards creating a successful construction business begins with your call or email today!