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Company registration in the UAE Free Economic Zone

Take advantage of unique conditions for company registration in the FEZ

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Free Economic Zone (FEZ) is a special designated area with its own administrative rules and regulations that provide flexible and loyal business conditions for foreign entrepreneurs. It is allowed to open a company with 100% foreign ownership in the FEZ.
7 Emirates
45 Free Economic Zones
15 years of
794 registered
in the FEZ

The main objectives of company in the FEZ

Take advantage of unique conditions for company registration in the FEZ
It is important to understand that activities of companies registered in the FEZ are limited at the domestic market of the UAE, but these companies can work freely at the international market.
Trading activity Free international trade, export and re- export from the UAE to the countries of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, as well as wholesale trade in the UAE through distributors and intermediaries.
Provision of services Performing various types of work and services for international counterparties; conducting activities directly on the territory of the FEZ.
Production activity It is suitable to open a small plant or manufacture the ready-made products for international markets.
Participation in tenders Full participation in international tenders as a serious respectable candidate, the UAE resident company.
Asset ownership You can use the company in the FEZ to conceal ownership of assets outside the UAE, as well as a legislative protection for your business against corporate raiding.
Preferential taxation No customs duties, low taxes for the activities inside the UAE, legal tax cuts are possible for international activities.
Privacy protection Owners receive absolute privacy protection at the state level; most Free Economic Zones have closed share registers.
Immigration and tax residency Registration of a residence permit in the UAE for shareholders, employees of the company and members of their families. It is possible to obtain the status of tax resident.
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Distinctive features

A company registered in the Free Economic Zone has a number of features.
100% foreign ownership A company incorporated in the FEZ may be 100% owned by a foreign investor. You do not need to create a relationship with a local partner or local agent.
Savings on office rental Savings on office rental
Savings on office rental There are no customs duties for import and export of goods to the FEZ territory and further re-export. There is 0% tax rate (including income tax) for conducting international activities.
Simplified Licensing There is a wide range of standard licenses in specialized FEZs. You do not need to obtain serious approval, which leads to a faster start of business.
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Choose a suitable FEZ

There are more than 45 Free Economic Zones in the UAE. Each has its own rules and regulations, requirements for company registration and business, as well as a list of permitted activities. Only experts can help you understand the diversity of Free Economic Zones.

Four main factors that influence the choice of FEZ:

Presence of suitable license for doing business
Each FEZ has its own approved list of possible activities, as well as restrictions on the merging several diverse activities within one company. It is very important to take into account the needs of the business at the launch stage and in the near future for the proper selection of the right FEZ.
Availability of administrative and logistic hubs
It is important for certain types of business to be close to your customers, suppliers or logistics centers. It is important to have warehouse space of a certain area at the same time. The place of employees residence also affects the choice of the Free Economic Zone.
The cost of company registration and maintenance
The cost of company registration and maintenance varies from zone to zone. You should also consider the cost of renting premises. The farther location from the two main emirates Dubai and Abu Dhabi has cheaper rental of premises. Some zones require filling and submitting annual financial statements, which increases costs.
Prestige and reliability of the Free Economic Zone
Some companies prefer to open in the already known premium-class FEZ for better recognition at the market. Banks have their own internal rating of all zones; they use it to determine the reliability. It could substantially alleviate the situation of obtaining the full range of banking services in the future.
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Differences of Free Economic Zones

Find out how Free Economic Zones differ in all Emirates of the country
Each Emirates plays a different role in the UAE economy, it defines the main differences between Free Economic Zones.
Prestigious and expensive FEZ
(located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, as well as in the most rapidly developing metropolis - the city of Dubai)
Loyal and budgetary FEZ
(located in the northern emirates - Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain)
(located in the northern emirates - Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain) Required in most FEZs No requirements
Providing a business plan for registration Standard requirement for service, consulting and production licenses. No requirements in the most FEZs
The possibility of combining different areas of business In some FEZ as an exception to the rules Allowed in the most FEZs
Approximate dates 14 days to 3 months 7 to 14 days
Rents Rental rates for offices and warehouses are much higher than in the northern FEZs Low rental rates compared to prestigious FEZs
Provision of annual audit report Required No requirements
Remote registration Not allowed Allowed in the most FEZs
Information about shareholders and a package of documents Serious requirements for the information about shareholders and documents for registration Requires minimum information about shareholders and a simple documents for registration

The advantages of registering a company in the FEZ with the SORP Group

SORP Group providing consultations in the UAE for 15 years. We comprehensively solve the problems facing our customers
Our work combines professional support and selection of solutions depending on the needs of the client. We provide support in the registration process in one of the Free Economic Zones and much more. Thanks to the individual solutions of the SORP Group, you can form a command and control center in a low-tax jurisdiction, where you will find all conditions to extract maximum profit. Be sure that no one in the UAE will be able to select and implement a turnkey solution for your business faster and better than us.
SORP Group competence SORP Group assets
  • Making the right legal decision: we analyze your needs and select the right Free Economic Zone.
  • We have expert knowledge and 15 years of experience. We provide comprehensive support of companies in various fields.
  • We have ready-made companies for specific business needs of our customers. We can solve special case confidentiality.
  • We have proven solutions to protect the final beneficiaries.
  • We can help and coordinate your actions to open accounts in banks.
  • We have professional team of business experts, lawyers and accountants with experience in international business.
  • We have nominee directors and administrative staff available for outsourcing.
  • We own a business center; it is possible to confirm the command and control center, as well as various documents for the virtual office service.
  • We provide unique tools to protect against the automatic exchange of information.
  • We can create complex structures for individual business goals.

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