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Company in the UAE is a highly profitable tool that allows you to solve a variety of business problems and extract maximum profit. The economic policy of the United Arab Emirates offers the most comfortable conditions for doing business. All sectors of economy are open and there are equal conditions.

Types of companies and organizations

You can get a professional advice from the SORP Group and assistance in obtaining licenses to conduct any activities in the UAE and abroad.
  • You can conduct free trade (wholesale and retail) in the emirate, including access to retail networks and online trade.
  • You can organize any business in the field of services and production at the domestic market.
  • You can participate in local and state tenders.
  • You can obtain licenses to conduct any type of activity.
  • You can conduct international activities without restrictions.
  • You can obtain tax resident status in the UAE.
  • You can rent premises of any size anywhere in the UAE. It is convenient for business organization and logistics.
  • You don’t need to confirm the center for making management decisions with mandatory lease of office or other premises.
  • You can get resident visas for shareholders and employees of the company, as well as their family members.
  • You can conduct activities in the FEZ and at international markets.
  • You can participate in international tenders.
  • You can conduct wholesale trade activities in the domestic market through local distributors.
  • It is optimal solution for export deliveries from the UAE.
  • There is duty-free import of goods to the FEZ. It provides ideal conditions for organizing consolidated warehouses to import of goods for further re-export.
  • 100% foreign ownership of company shares.
  • You can obtain tax resident status.
  • You can incorporate your company in a virtual office without renting real premises.
  • You can get resident visas for shareholders and employees of the company, as well as their family members.
  • You can conduct trading activities and provide services in international markets.
  • You can act as a shareholder in other UAE companies and abroad.
  • You can own a real estate in permitted construction projects in three emirates.
  • No taxes.
  • Low company registration and maintenance cost.
  • You don’t need business license. International Business Company can conduct any activity according to the company's Charter.
  • Low cost of legal entity incorporation and short terms (1 to 3 days).
  • You can save because you don’t need to rent an office.
  • Information about the end beneficiary and company management is protected.

You can solve following tasks

Investors can buy a ready-made company to solve a certain range of tasks. It allows achieving certain goals that are inaccessible to new companies recently established in the UAE.

Eight reasons why you need a company in the UAE

Eight reasons why you need a company in the UAE The legislation is loyal to foreign entrepreneurs. It provides opportunities to use various tools to ensure confidentiality and conceal the final beneficiary, who can legally own and run his business.
State guarantees Foreign investors have the same rights as local entrepreneurs. The state supports the country's banking system. The state created conditions for political and economic stability in the region, it provides guarantee that there are no hostile takeovers.
No taxes for international activities The UAE government has declared the complete absence of income and corporate taxes for conducting international activities from the UAE. There are also no income and property taxes.
Attractive banking environment The UAE banking system is recognized as one of the most financially stable and reliable. Banks use advanced technology, they guarantee the speed of operations and one of the lowest transaction costs in the world. The state fixed dollar exchange rate and linked it to the local currency, so you can save on currency conversion. The state guarantees the safety of depositor’s funds and bank secrets.
Maximum profit The UAE has international agreements on the avoidance of double taxation with more than 100 countries, as well as the agreement on a single customs and trading space among the Gulf countries. This agreement makes possible to trade freely, to re-export and to use tax breaks.
Resident visas for company owners and their families The UAE government provide an opportunity to get tax residency status in the UAE and protection from automatic exchange of tax information. Thus, you limit the awareness of the tax authorities of your homeland about your assets and financial transactions abroad.
Getting a tax number A company registered in the tax service of the United Arab Emirates receives high confidence from counterparties and banks. Such company can refund VAT.
Prestige Despite zero taxes, the UAE jurisdictions are not offshore. OECD and FATF not included the UAE jurisdictions in the “black list”. The United Arab Emirates are recognized worldwide, it is a prestigious place to register a business.
We are not establishing your company. We create a scheme for your business.
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15 years of work in the UAE
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276 incorporations per year
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SORP has more than fifteen years of experience. We are ready to offer you unique solutions based on the practical cases of our customers.

Advantages of SORP

SORP is a reliable partner for long-term work in the UAE
Turnkey company Assets of the SORP Group
  • We provide a turnkey company and make the right legal decision. We analyze your needs and select the necessary legal form for the company.
  • We have expert knowledge and 15 years of experience in professional consultations and comprehensive support of companies in various sectors of the economy.
  • We can help to select a suitable bank and open bank accounts.
  • We provide individual approach to each client.
  • We can solve special cases with full confidentiality. We can help to optimize taxes, conceal beneficiaries and protect against automatic exchange of information.
  • Official agent is a registered representative appointed by government agencies to execute departmental assignments.
  • You can have a reliable local sponsor, who is a part of the SORP Group. It reduces potential risks for the investor.
  • Competent registration of the rights and equity participation of partners. Selection of nominee director.
  • A team of lawyers, experts and accountants.
  • Search and rental of premises to meet the established requirements. We own a business center with modern equipment for everyday work and meetings.

Application for company registration in the UAE

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