A company in the UAE is a highly profitable tool that allows you to solve a variety of business problems.
Registering a local, Free Zone or offshore company, and forming international holdings and trust structures,
opens the way to a tax-free business, universal cash departments, UAE tax resident (domicile) status and access
to international tax planning advantages. SORP Group offers the vital expertise and support you need to establish
and grow your business in the United Arab Emirates, from initial licensing to the day-to-day operations.

Types of legal entities in the UAE

There are three main types of companies. The legislation gives each of them different opportunities for business development and determines the geographic extent of their market activities:

Local company

Unlimited business opportunities in
any field of activity both in the UAE
and abroad

For a LLC, a local partner (UAE
national) must hold 51% of the
company (possibly on a nominee
basis with registration of a waiver
of ownership rights in Dubai court).

A professional company (SE or CC)
signs a contract with a local agent.
The local agent is not one of the founders.

Can manufacture and trade freely
both in the domestic market and

Visa procedures for shareholders
and employees are simplified.
Enjoys tax resident (domicile)
status and support of UAE banks.

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Company in Free
Economic Zones

Onshore legal entity that is authorized
to operate in any international

100% foreign ownership allowed
and intended for international
operations, with some restrictions
on permitted activities in the UAE
domestic market.

Free international trade, export and
re-export. Wholesale trade possible
in the UAE through intermediaries
and distributors.

No restrictions on operations and
services in the territory of the FZ
and in international markets.

Resident visas granted for
shareholders and employees.
Needs to confirm financial
presence (economic substance).

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International business
company (IBC)

Offshore company for formation of
business entities and conglomerates
with protection of owner information

An efficient and cost-effective
tool for conducting business and
international transactions. Provides
confidentiality about beneficiary
and company structure.

The ability to act as a shareholder
and controller of companies and
entities within the UAE or in other

Ownership of real estate allowed
for permitted projects in the
Emirate of incorporation.

Does not have the right to issue
resident visas. Difficult to open UAE
bank accounts. Restrictions related
to offshore status.

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Unique opportunities of company incorporation in the UAE

Potential solutions based on UAE legislation to improve the efficiency of business dealings and regulations:

Set up a holding company

Manage international businesses
from the UAE. Consolidate assets

Allows you to create an optimal
central mechanism to effectively
organize the activities of other
enterprises or dependent entities.

Conceal the information about the
business owners.

Combine different enterprises and
areas of activity in a common
management structure.

Build ownership of shares, real
estate, and other assets. Freedom
of movement of capital and profits.

Consolidate business and assets to
improve financial performance in
the overall balance sheet structure.

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Form an Arab Trust

Owner has complete data privacy
and asset protection

It provides complete anonymity
for asset owners, signatories and
management decision-makers so
they can maintain confidentiality.

Dividends from the trust's activities
in the UAE are tax-free.

Property registered in a trust cannot
be seized by third parties, not even
foreign governmental agencies.

Re-registration of real estate into a
trust provides the right of ownership
without the need for Declaration.

Inheritance: Trust owners determine
the disposition of property and

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Buy an existing company

Re-establishing companies with a
genuine traing history

Allows you to obtain tax resident
status of the UAE quickly with the
opportunity to protect your data
from automatic tax exchange.

A solution for requirements where
the company's age is important.

Get leasing and lending products
from UAE banks and financial

Gives rights to act as a guarantor
as well as participate in local and
international tenders.

Generate a valid financial history
confirmed by the auditor for
previous reporting periods.

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Essential services for your business in the UAE

When registering a company in the UAE, you will need a range of support and professional services for your business

Office accommodation in

Offices and flexi-desks to rent,
which include registering and
licensing a company in the UAE

Prestigious address in Dubai.
Comfortable fully equipped offices
and meeting rooms, also with
virtual solutions.

Save on rent by occupying minimal
space while also obtaining a license
for your company and passing the
banking and immigration checks.

Offset the cost of office rent by
registering a mainland company on
a sustainability contract (Estidama)
with the possibility of renewal

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Assistance with opening
bank accounts

Guidance through the bank’s
KYC procedures when opening
a corporate account

We prepare all the necessary
documents, company profile,
signatory CV, and meet with
the bank’s representative.

Use our office space to confirm
a location for management of
a corporate bank account in the
bank’s KYC verification procedure.

We liaise with a bank representative
in order to simplify communication
and interaction in the framework of
settlement operations.

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Utilize professional nominee
services such as shareholders,
directors and personnel

Appoint us as your local partner
or agent, and as the nominees
required to complete licensing

We act as your outsourced
management personnel, being
residents of the UAE, to meet
criteria for Economic Substance.

We can provide for you limited
rights director and shareholder
appointed to shield beneficiaries
and interconnected entities.

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With SORP Group, you can register a new company, or  transfer domicile from another jurisdiction
by  issuing a power of attorney for registration actions remotely. Our experts will help you open bank
accounts, issue a tax resident certificate, and optimize business processes in the UAE.

What benefits do business owners
enjoy in the UAE?

Government guarantees

The Emirates protect the rights of
investors by providing equal business
opportunities for foreign and local

Data protection

Legislation ensures the confidentiality
of information about foreign business
owners who have registered a company
in the UAE.

Financial freedoms

Freedom to deposit and withdraw funds,
no currency controls, simplified KYC
procedure for transactions in the local

Prestige and validity

A company operating in the Emirates
receives a TRN number, which provides
confidence and validation for foreign
financial institutions and others.

Tax resident status

All business owners can get a residence
permit and then a tax resident (domicile)
status, which shields them from CRS
(exchange of tax information).

Taxpayer registration number

Despite their tax-free nature, the UAE
jurisdictions are not offshore and are
not included in any "black” or “grey”
list of the OECD and FATF.

Tax benefits

0% basic tax (corporate and
personal income, dividends).
5% VAT for a number of internal

Free trade market

Unified tax and customs regulations
mean duty-free free trade agreements
across 6 of the Gulf Cooperation Council
(GCC) countries.

Strategic trading location

As the Middle East’s trading hub and
with the largest cargo port in the region,
the UAE is perfectly placed as the unique
intersection of Europe, Africa and Asia.

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SORP's core incorporation and business support

Choosing the best location
for your company

We devise development strategies for you based on the competition and the law. Then we choose the right operating license and tell you what you must do to obtain it.

Defining your individual
business model

We devise development strategies for you based on the competition and the law. Then we choose the right operating license and tell you what you must do to obtain it.

Company registration and

We are registration agents for several Free
Zones. We can process incorporation and licences
quickly and without fuss, and for local mainland
businesses too.

PRO business

We act on your behalf with UAE government agencies for issuing resident visas to partners, staff and their families, and obtaining all licenses, registrations and permits.

Outsourced business

It makes sense to use SORP’s
professional administrative, recruiting, accounting and tax competencies, saving the cost of employing highly paid personnel.


SORP Group’s corporate lawyers, and our strategic partnerships with the best lawyers in the UAE and around the world, provide superb legal support for your business.

Obtaining tax residency

Enjoy tax resident (domicile)
status shielding you from CRS
requirements for sharing your tax
details and preventing double

tax planning

We design optimized tax solutions
for international business within the
full scope of UAE legislation,
drawing on our wide experience in
this field.

Confirmation of
economic substance

We help fulfil proof of economic substance based on the registered location of your company, its localized decision making and management, and tax compliance.

SORP’s long experience gets results and
achieves your goals

The SORP group of companies provides integrated solutions in the field of business formation and management based on long-term practice, understanding of local legislation and state support

years of practice
business concepts
companies in management
sq.m. of office spaces
directions of business planning
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5 reasons to choose SORP

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy consulting company is the key to successfully establishing and running your business. ‘Forbes’ lists seven criteria for choosing the right consulting firm. SORP can confidently assure you that we not only meet these seven criteria,we have five more good reasons to trust us!

We provide not just a set of solutions but a well-thought-out strategy aimed at ensuring you achieve your desired quality of life and business success. Let us support your business goals with our valuable experience and our team of professionals who speak your language. They understand your terminology and know what you are talking about.

We don’t just register companies – we create a working tool that enables you to accurately assess the potential of each opportunity, avoid risks, achieve goals and harvest the rewards you want. We do not use templated solutions. Each project is unique and we tailor solutions individually. We work to find the most effective way to leverage your core business for growth, never acting as mere bystanders or hired help.

We don’t work on behalf of just one or more Free Economic Zones, despite the incentives they offer us. By working with all UAE jurisdictions, we ensure that choosing the incorporation location of your legal entity is unbiased. We focus on genuine results for our clients, not on hourly rates or commissions.

We are one of the largest business centers in Dubai. We have essential critical mass, meaning that vanishing overnight and leaving our clients in the lurch is never going to happen.

We are supervised by at least 10 government agencies, which not only constantly monitor the quality of our work, but also support us to solve complex problems for our clients.

SORP is not just a name — it’s a formula for success. We pay attention to even the most minor details that often go unnoticed by others. We have not had a single failed business in 15 years, which is a record we protect and are very proud of. We develop solutions based on the principle of SORP — Statement Of Recommended Practice — by applying only the best business practices. We do it very well indeed

Elena Tselishcheva

Managing Partner, SORP

5 причин почему выбирают SORP

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