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Goods certification is a process requiring experience and detailed knowledge of local laws. Our company has worked with goods certifications for over 15 years, giving us a rich experience, along with reliable contacts within government regulatory bodies. By entrusting SORP Group’s experts with the formalities of this process, you open the doors to the UAE market, along with that of other Persian Gulf countries, saving both time and resources.

What is certification in the UAE for?

Many goods imported to the UAE must undergo a required certification procedure. The main regulatory body responsible for compliance with local standards is the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). Specialized goods, as well as any foodstuffs or medications must undergo a compliance procedure through relevant agencies. Voluntary certification is also available in the UAE, and gives you a serious competitive edge when it comes to working with major companies and participating in tenders.

SORP Group’s Services SORP Group’s Advantages
  • Company registration in the UAE, and assistance with every step of obtaining business licenses and certificates for the import of goods.
  • Filing required documentation and full legal support when dealing with government authorities.
  • Obtaining import permits and customs registration.
  • Reviewing the requirements for importing your goods.
  • A selection of specialized offices and warehouse space.
  • Our company’s 15 years of practical experience in the UAE, providing services registering businesses and obtaining licensing and certification
  • Our team of highly-qualified attorneys, who are well-versed in UAE laws and business practices- right down to the tiniest detail
  • Our specialists (attorneys, economists, financial experts, and accountants) have built reliable business contacts with every state regulatory body
  • Our company’s business center, offering a comfortable and well-equipped working space
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The SORP Group is an authority on product certification. Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive an offer within 15 minutes.
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Goods subject to certification requirements

Construction Material
Chemicals and polymers
Food and drink
Medication and cosmetics
Precious stones and metals
Equipment and electronics
Alcohol and tobacco
Goods for children
Organic products

SORP Group offers comprehensive support at every step of the way when obtaining permits for goods imported into the UAE and other countries in the Persian Gulf region. Our specialists are experts in localization and any certification, including for nonstandard goods.

Types of certification in the UAE

Import permit
Many goods regulated by government authorities are subject to an import permit, including medications, fertilizers, live animals, the press, alcoholic drinks, and cosmetics. An import permit is issued by the relevant department (for example, the Ministry of Health issues permits for the import of medications).
Halal certification
A Halal certification is issued by an Islamic association accredited by the UAE. It serves as a certification for products of animal origin and meat. Halal certification pertains to both the goods themselves, and the manufacturer.
Health certificate and phytosanitary certificate
A phytosanitary certificate is issued by appropriate government bodies in the goods’ country of origin, and submitted to relevant UAE authorities, indicating that the good comply with safety and phytosanitary standards in force in that country. Imported plants, animals, and processed foods are subject to certification.
Certificate of compliance
A certificate of compliance is issued to either manufacturers or importers. It establishes that the product in question is in compliance with national standards in force. Importers for many goods, such as cosmetics and detergents must obtain certification from accredited ESMA centers.
Labeling of goods
Special labeling requirements apply to certain goods, including toys, foodstuffs, chemical products, industrial goods, drinking water, textiles, and cosmetics.
Emirates Quality
The Emirates Quality Mark confirms that imported goods comply with national UAE standards.
Made in UAE
Made in UAE Is the only national label classifying and recognizing products manufactured in the UAE.
Apply for product certification
The SORP Group is an authority on product certification. Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive an offer within 15 minutes.
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What is SORP’s timeline for obtaining goods certifications?
Study available documentation First, you send us any available certificates and photographs of your goods and labels. Our specialists will study the documents provided for goods subject to local standards, and send recommendations for any necessary changes.
Submit documents Our specialists gather a required package of documents and send the application for certification.
Identify a certification agency During this step, we identify the certification center where you will send any further applications. Some goods may obtain certification through their country of origin, which significantly reduces costs.
Satisfy certification requirements At this point in the process, goods are subject to required laboratory testing with certification agencies. For some categories of goods, this process also involves a mandatory certification commission visit to the importer’s production or warehouse facility.
Obtain certificate Once all state regulatory body procedures have been satisfied, the certificate you have requested is issued.
SORP Group offers comprehensive assistance with each step of the process for obtaining permits for goods imported into the UAE and other Persian Gulf countries. Our specialists are experts in all matters pertaining to localization and any certification, including for nonstandard goods.

Apply to register and certify your company in the UAE

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts will evaluate your needs and help you to register a company and complete all business licensing and product certification procedures. UAE standards for product certification are a world-wide recognized mark of quality!