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Full range of services for doing business in the UAE

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The success of a business depends on proper planning and proper organization of work. When you establish a company, hire staff, obtain permits in an unfamiliar country, each of the steps can cause difficulties if you don’t have proper knowledge of local laws and procedures. You can ask experts who know this region to avoid mistakes and additional expenses.
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What is business

The success of a business depends on proper planning and proper organization of work. Paperwork, interaction with government departments and company establishment in unfamiliar country can cause difficulties for a foreign investor. It is better to avoid mistakes and additional expenses, you need to ask experts who understand features of the region, who all subtleties of doing business in the chosen market and have experience in many business sectors.
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Your business will become more successful with our support.
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Why is it profitable to work with us?

Our experts keep and prepare the documentation correctly.
Our experts know all regulations and make sure that the company is acting according to the law.
Our experts understand how to minimize costs and maximize profits.
Our experts are professionals with sufficient experience. They are able to organize the entire workflow of the company.
Our experts can adapt the business to the features of the UAE market.

Service Catalog
of Business Support:

1 Legal and PRO support We can make paperwork in accordance with local legislation and establish communication with government bodies of the UAE.

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2 Business management Operational business management, administrative support, nominal service and crisis management.

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3 HR and outstaffing We can hire personnel accredited in the UAE to obtain the necessary licenses, we can organize a turnkey sales department and we can legalize documents.

4 Tax Consulting SORP offers you the services of our experts in the field of tax consulting and accounting. Full range of tax services.

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5 Bank account support We provide full customer support for opening and maintaining bank accounts. We can help you to select optimal solutions of banking services.

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6 License renewal Our experts will help you undergo the technical part of license renewal procedure. We can also help you to meet the necessary requirements for renewing a license.

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Obtain business support from reliable, steady professionals without additional expenses

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts possess all the necessary tools to help ensure the success of your business. We offer comprehensive services to support your business on a turnkey basis. Contact us today!