The UAE is a country of unique business opportunities. Preferential tax and government-guaranteed confidentiality can boost profits favourably with the right partner in place. SORP Group can support you with the tools you need to gain access to the most promising areas of activity, management, business solutions and doing business in the Emirates practically. We provide professional advice on boosting revenue and support businesses long-term with industry know-how, reliable partners and a sound business knowledge.

Effective use of UAE legal mechanisms for international business optimization

For trading

With no corporate taxes or customs duties pricing policies can be shaped to deliver very attractive commercial propositions

The absence of taxes in the UAE for all international activities makes it possible to use transfer pricing, perform import and export operations with a quite low or understated customs value, re-invoicing, or profit withdrawal with a zero rate.

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For service

The UAE offers prestige and a business environment completely free of corporate and income taxes plus many more major advantages

Exemption of revenue from income
taxes, opportunities to use licensing
and leasing schemes, optimization of
royalty payments, protection of all forms
of intellectual property, increase in profit
due to tax-free regime by 30% (min).

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For financing and

International agreements on investment protection and avoidance of double taxation
are genuine incentives

Tax optimization when participating in foreign projects, established access to international capital markets and preferential financing conditions, participation in investment projects and international tenders.

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Free movement
of capital

Taking advantage of cash and settlement tools from UAE banks and tax-free instititions to maximize a business structure

Effective cost management with tax optimization through setting up holdings and business structures that can
transfer funds offshore as well as freely input and withdraw capital with no taxation implications.

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Registering or transferring real estate and other assets to a UAE company or trust, which protects details about ownership

Using the privacy afforded by UAE law and its provisions for upholding property owner rights so as to transfer assets for inheritance or other purposes, and minimizing tax when doing business involving assets and real estate.

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in tenders

Leveraging the status and prestige of operating internationally out of the UAE to engage with large contracts both locally and globally

Maximizing the usefulness of tax-free international cash and settlement tools that enable competitive pricing, plus the credibility when bidding on tenders built on a positive audit report history and consolidation.

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Success factors that justify basing
international business in the UAE

When planning to optimize an international business based in the UAE, you must first analyze the challenges as well as the opportunities that can lead to success and achieving worthwhile goals.

Shareholders’ confidentiality
Implementing information protection by using nominee services and solutions that prevent automatic exchange of tax information under CRS
International agreements
Being aware of the many agreements that the UAE has with other countries on mutual investment protection, free trade, and avoidance of double taxation
Agency settlements and loan agreements
Employing such mechanisms as these because they are widely used in the country for settlements, and banks do not question these types of transactions
Ease of obtaining licenses
Financial, investment, insurance, educational, tourism, logistics, engineering and other licenses through the simplified procedures
Tax incentives for business
Trading, service, and investment activities are free of tax because the country's legislation allows you to retain all profits in full on international business
Tax benefits for holding companies
Preferential tax rates can be applied when withdrawing interest and dividends to a company whose parent is located in the Emirates

Using unique tools based on UAE jurisdiction, it is possible to legally and easily circumvent the latest requirements of the legislation of a number of other countries regarding CFCs (Controlled Foreign Companies). It requires economic presence in the country of registration and avoids having transactions classified as interdependent when using transfer pricing.

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SORP expert solutions for optimizing international business from the UAE

SORP Group provides a comprehensive range of solutions and structured schemes to boost the efficiency of international business. We will help you create the appropriate business architecture that gives you the best chance of achieving success.

Evaluation and business

Assessment by experts of international business models and schemes with special focus on identifying non-compliance risks.


Cooperation and close contact with the registration authorities means we can deliver services quickly to create legal entities.


Provision of a technical Director
with limited rights to preserve the anonymity of the beneficiary's information.


Confirmation of ESR by using
our Business Center offices and providing local UAE personnel for staffing.

bank accounts

Competency in helping to pass KYC procedures due to our relationship with UAE banks and understanding their compliance policies.


Protection against automatic exchange of tax information follows when we obtain a tax domicile certificate to confirm your status.

The list of SORP services is quite extensive. We offer our clients subscription service packages and support for business operations carried out in the UAE. PRO, business support and tax planning, as well as expert legal and accounting assistance for successfully building international business models.

SORP’s long experience gets results and
achieves your goals

The SORP group of companies provides integrated solutions in the field of business formation and management based on long-term practice, understanding of local legislation and state support

years of practice
business concepts
companies in management
sq.m. of office spaces
directions of business planning
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5 reasons to choose SORP

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy consulting company is the key to successfully establishing and running your business. ‘Forbes’ lists seven criteria for choosing the right consulting firm. SORP can confidently assure you that we not only meet these seven criteria,we have five more good reasons to trust us!

We provide not just a set of solutions but a well-thought-out strategy aimed at ensuring you achieve your desired quality of life and business success. Let us support your business goals with our valuable experience and our team of professionals who speak your language. They understand your terminology and know what you are talking about.

We don’t just register companies – we create a working tool that enables you to accurately assess the potential of each opportunity, avoid risks, achieve goals and harvest the rewards you want. We do not use templated solutions. Each project is unique and we tailor solutions individually. We work to find the most effective way to leverage your core business for growth, never acting as mere bystanders or hired help.

We don’t work on behalf of just one or more Free Economic Zones, despite the incentives they offer us. By working with all UAE jurisdictions, we ensure that choosing the incorporation location of your legal entity is unbiased. We focus on genuine results for our clients, not on hourly rates or commissions.

We are one of the largest business centers in Dubai. We have essential critical mass, meaning that vanishing overnight and leaving our clients in the lurch is never going to happen.

We are supervised by at least 10 government agencies, which not only constantly monitor the quality of our work, but also support us to solve complex problems for our clients.

SORP is not just a name — it’s a formula for success. We pay attention to even the most minor details that often go unnoticed by others. We have not had a single failed business in 15 years, which is a record we protect and are very proud of. We develop solutions based on the principle of SORP — Statement Of Recommended Practice — by applying only the best business practices. We do it very well indeed

Elena Tselishcheva

Managing Partner, SORP

5 причин почему выбирают SORP

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