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Business Licensing in the UAE

You can obtain the right license with the support of experts to start successful business in the UAE

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All business activities in the UAE are subject to mandatory licensing. You cannot launch and run a business successfully without a license, and you need to choose the right type of license and understand all the features of its obtaining.

Choosing a license

Choosing the right license is one of the most difficult and important stages.
You should approach licensing carefully.

Your customer will think of you as a professional market participant only if activities of your company are corresponding to the direction of your business and you have rationally chosen place of company’s registration.

The peculiarity of the local business environment

The more complicated your license is, the more serious partners and banks will deal with your business, the more weight your company will have in the eyes of other business representatives.

It is necessary to analyze many factors that constitute the business idea for quick and error-free licensing. The analysis takes into account:

Geography of activity You should choose to do business in the domestic market of the UAE or in the international space to determine jurisdiction, which will provide the most favorable conditions for the development and maximum profit.
Field of activity It is possible to obtaining a license for the planned activity in the selected jurisdiction and combine various field of activity according to the state regulations.
Confirmation of status If you want to impress counterparties, then you should choose a serious structure to ensure high status. This solution can also be used to establish loyalty of banks.
Complex structure It could be necessary to organize a complex structure with several companies registered in the UAE to implement serious tasks. This structure will be useful to manage existing business resources effectively.
Confirmation of the Command and Control Center If you need to confirm the Command and Control Center for business purposes or to control the business in the UAE according to the tax laws of the main country of business. This factor is also important to consider when choosing a license.
Tax Residency Verification You should take into account that you need a tax residency certificate for a company registered in the UAE in order to use preferential taxation; it is also useful to protect shareholders against automatic exchange of information. Only some registered structures can receive such status.
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Types of licenses

All licenses in the UAE can be divided in following main types:
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Licenses in the UAE are issued for 1 year by default, after this period annual prolongation is required. This regulation is not only state control function, but it is a “hidden tax burden” on the business. SORP Group will help solve all issues related to the license renewal quickly and efficiently. Our company is ready to offer:
1. Local sponsor or agent,

2. Office space for rent for local license renewal in Duba,

3. Representation services for the license renewal in state bodies,

4. Support in obtaining approvals and permits at the renewal stages.
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Licensing stages

We perform our work in several stages.
Preliminary analysis of business tasks and needs We will clarify your goals and find the results you want to achieve doing business in the UAE. We will analyze the market and study the subtleties of legislation.
Selection of a suitable license We will select the license in the field that is close to your business activity. We will determine the strategy that will allow you to accomplish your tasks.
Determining the place of company incorporation to obtaining a license We will help you choose the right place to register a company depending on your business goals and planned market. Whether you want to conduct international activities or work in the UAE market.
Determination of legal form We will select the right legal form and type of activity for your company, which will maximize the potential of your business.
Preparing documents and making request in state bodies We will help you to prepare required documents for obtaining a license and submit it to the state authorities.
Direct registration of the license We will control the registration process of a license for your company. We will take measures to accelerate this process if it is necessary.
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Why SORP Group?

SORP Group will be your reliable partner for long-term work in the UAE
SORP Group is working for 15 years; we are helping to solve problems related to company’s registration and obtaining licenses of any complexity. We use the full range of tools to organize a highly profitable prestigious business in the UAE quickly and correctly. We offer solutions that are beneficial for our customers, these solutions are guarantee to get positive results.

SORP Group consultants are co-authors of academic manuals for licensing various activities. The UAE government has created some types of licenses for our orders.

We know all subtleties and nuances of licensing in the local market. We declare that no other company in the UAE can select a better solution and implement it faster than we do.
SORP Group competence SORP Group assets
  • We analyze your needs to make a legally sound decision on the required license and conducting detailed consultations.
  • We offer obtaining complex licenses and additional approvals in a short time.
  • We offer obtaining special permits for licenses registration for various activities.
  • We provide professional consultations based on our practical experience in obtaining complex licenses for 15 years.
  • We provide risk-free decisions of individual cases based on your needs.
  • SORP Group is an official certified agent authorized by state authorities.
  • We have a team of experienced lawyers and consultants.
  • There is a division of SORP Group, which is authorized to assume the function of local partner for local company registration.
  • We are providing a personal manager who is using convenient communication channels.

Application for obtaining a license in the UAE

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts will assess your needs to help you select the best legal solution for licensing activities in the UAE, while providing you with full support. The first step towards creating a successful business begins with your call or email today!

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