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Business consolidation on a base of structure in the UAE

You can consolidate your business on the base of company in the UAE to improve your reputation and financial well-being.

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Business consolidation on a base of company in the UAE is a reliable way to arrange assets and capital. Contact SORP Group and you will solve all problems with your business consolidation and build an efficient scheme for capital movement.

What we do

What are benefits of business consolidation on a base of company in the UAE?

Optimization of management structure and corporate reporting

Increasing market share and asset value

Preparing for a profitable business sale

Attraction financing on favorable terms


You can solve several tasks by contacting SORP - leading experts of the UAE in the field of building corporate structures and international tax planning

Consolidation of businessConsolidation of assets
  • You can establish a holding for business consolidation
  • You can establish a consortium for business consolidation
  • You can include your business to UAE management company for business consolidation
  • You can create a system of invest encumbering in the UAE for business consolidation
  • You can consolidate your business on a base of new company
  • Consolidated audit reports to increase the assets of the company
  • Planning and support of mergers and acquisitions. Justification of funds withdrawal to the UAE
  • TTax advisory report. Justification of withdrawals in the UAE as royalties
  • Justification of withdrawal in the UAE on the base of management agreement
  • Consolidation of assets using a unifying balance on the structures that exchanged shares without legal registration

Obtain an expert assessment of the possibilities to consolidate business and assets using a company in the UAE

Four steps in 6 days

How to work with our company to consolidate business in the UAE


Preliminary analysis

The experts of our company will analyze the opportunities for consolidation and assess the risks in the countries of business incorporation. They will select the optimal solution that meets the ultimate goal of consolidation.

Establishing the optimal legal entity

We will establish/select the optimal legal entity for consolidation purposes. We have companies for sale with high economic activity that were established long enough in our catalog.

Development of a control scheme

We are developing a scheme of corporate ownership, cash flow, management and communications at the economic level.

Preparing consolidated financial statements

We will prepare consolidated statements that meet international standards.

Apply to consolidate businesses and assets

Upon submission of your application the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes..

Our team of experts will evaluate your needs to help you select the best legal solution for the consolidation of your businesses and assets. We will also help to build the correct scheme of management and capital movement, as well as a positive credit history for the company.