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Accounting in the UAE

Entrust accounting to professionals in the UAE to increase the business efficiency.

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Competent financial planning is the key to business success. Our company is an expert in accounting and tax accounting. Eliminate the risk of mistakes in the conditions of the new UAE tax regulations. Improve business efficiency and increase profits with the help of a team of experts!

Features of accounting and tax accounting in the UAE

Our solutions Our assets
  • We provide full accounting and tax support for the company
  • We help to form tax groups
  • We provide assistance in company registration as a taxpayer and fulfilling conditions for registration
  • We provide tax consultations
  • We provide training of management and accountants on the basics of accounting in the UAE and local features of reporting
  • We have state license for tax and accounting services
  • We have a staff of accountants and tax advisors with international experience.
  • We have a partnership with leading auditing companies
  • We have own business university certified by the UAE Ministry of Education
  • We have 5000 sq.m of own office space
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Tax accounting

What companies are required to register as a taxpayer in the UAE?

The UAE does not have its own accounting standards. Companies report according to international standards. The Federal Tax Service regulates filing of tax reports. Companies are filing tax reports monthly or quarterly, depending on the turnover of the business. Our company is a team of professionals in the field of taxes and accounting, we will ensure the correctness of reporting in accordance with IFRS. Cooperation with SORP Group will allow you to engage in strategic planning, you won’t be distracted by operational issues.

Voluntary registration
turnover more than
185000 AED
Mandatory registration
turnover more than
375000 AED
Reporting form
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly (with a large number of operations)
Obligations of taxpayer companies
  • Keeping tax records for 5 years
  • Tax reporting and timely payment of VAT
  • Provision of tax invoices to customers upon the provision of services

A number of government agencies and counterparties require a tax number of a company to work with this company.

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What tasks solves the accounting?
Obtaining trade finance
Control over financial flows, elimination of extra costs
Minimize the cost of audit reporting
Ease of tax reporting
Confirmation of business transparency for tax authorities
Proof of Command and Control Center in the UAE
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Accounting and tax accounting services:
Registration as a VAT payer for individuals and legal entities
Our experts will prepare for you and your company all documents and complete all the formalities in the Tax Service
Tax reporting
We will competently prepare a tax report and submit it to the Tax Service within the time limits specified by law
Accounting for the business activities of a company or a group of companies
Our company will take care of accounting for the business activities of your company (or a group of companies) in the agreed form
Keeping accounting records
We will keep the entire volume of accounting and tax records and provide it to government bodies for verification
Preparing primary documents
Highly qualified accountants and lawyers will prepare all reports for your business according to the international standards
Preparing audit reports
Our experts will conduct an audit of your business and prepare reports for different goals and objectives
Personal training on taxation
The experts of our company will train your employers in all the subtleties of the tax laws and business practices of the UAE
Forming tax groups
We have developed effective schemes for reducing the tax burden on customers businesses using a tax groups

Order accounting and tax accounting

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts will evaluate your needs to provide professional accounting and tax accounting services, including tax registration, filing reports, setting up and implementing accounting policies, and providing tax advice.