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Accessing the UAE market

Accessing UAE market opens the door to markets in Asia, the United States, Africa, and gives you a place in of one of the most stable and promising markets in the world.

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The UAE is an affective springboard to accessing emerging markets, thereby ensuring consistent growth for your business. Businesses in the UAE are exempt from most taxes, and enjoy government support for entrepreneurship, an infrastructure ripe for development, and one of the best logistics systems in the world- and these are just a few of the benefits to doing business in the Emirates.

Benefits to accessing the UAE market

A growing business environment
Open the doors to the global market
Unrestricted capital inflow and outflow
Streamlined import and export procedures
The opportunity for duty-free trade with countries of the Persian Gulf
No taxation on international activities, and just 5% taxation on domestic operations
State protection for foreign investments, and no raiding
Keep your business ownership confidential
SORP Company is your guide to the UAE’s dynamic business world.
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Steps to accessing the UAE market

Study the market and competitors, create a potential business plan
Adapt your strategy to business processes in the UAE
Register your company, obtain licensing and other additional permits
Conduct measures to ensure a working business flow
Obtain more information about the benefits of doing business in the UAE
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SORP Today

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SORP Group is a leading consulting company, with 15 years of experience helping companies reach the UAE market
Our company is located in Dubai, right in the heart of the Middle East’s business world. Having a local office and a contact database built up over many years means that we are able to objectively assess our clients’ business ideas and create an optimum market entry strategy to suit their needs.
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SORP Group offers comprehensive solutions for bringing your business to the UAE market

1 Establish a plan, study potential product demand
2 Our package including registration, licensing, and business location services
3 A full range of services
SORP Group’s solutions for adapting existing business strategies

Cultural and professional features of the Middle East are reflected in many facets of life here, including business. What was a successful model in one country may not work in another. We help you find the right path to adapting and developing your business model, in line with local realities.

An adaptation strategy involves:
  • Auditing your current business model,
  • Selecting development path,
  • Identifying a list of moveable goods and services,
  • Identifying attractive methods and resources used by the competition.

SORP Group offers the skills and assets to take your business to the next level of its development:
A selection of the very best commercial space
We select the best commercial space for your business and help obtain optimal rental conditions.
A selection of the very best commercial space
Logistical solutions
We work hand in hand with leading logistics companies, and help create the best route for delivering your goods, in addition to obtaining any required permits and customs clearance.
Logistical solutions
Taxation and accounting services
Our team of experts provides your business with top-notch accounting services.
Taxation and accounting services
Opening accounts and banking support
We partner with the best banks in the UAE, which offer SORP Group’s clients with exclusive services.
Opening accounts and banking support
Document preparation and legal services
Our specialists have many years of practical experience behind them working in the UAE’s legal environment, along with an arsenal of successful cases.
Document preparation and legal services
Communication with government authorities
Our team has the necessary experience and contacts in government agencies and notary offices.
Communication with government authorities

Enter the UAE market with the SORP Group

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts has more than 15 years of experience in preparing and organizing a wide range companies to enter the UAE market. We offer an individualized set of solutions to ensure quick and successful entry.